How Do Chiropractors Treat Bulging Discs?

Back pain is debilitating, and it can disrupt your everyday living, such as going to work or even playing sports. Your back also bears a lot of pressure, especially if you regularly engage in high-intensity activities. One of the reasons for this pain may be bulging discs, which may worsen over time if left untreated. Everyday movements can even be enough to aggravate the condition if your symptoms are severe. Fortunately, chiropractors can help with your treatment.

Let’s talk about how chiropractors can help treat bulging discs and where you can go in Newark, DE, for outstanding orthopedic care.


Your spine is made up of individual bones called vertebrae, and in the middle of each pair is a disc. Discs are cartilage or rubbery tissue that act as cushions for individual vertebra. Over time, these discs may bulge out, either due to normal wear and tear or other injuries and diseases. This condition is known as bulging discs, and they may cause severe symptoms like pain and dysfunction.

Bulging discs may be challenging to diagnose because symptoms may manifest in the areas away from the injury. A chiropractor may help diagnose your condition, especially if you experience pain and stiffness in your neck, back, and extremities. They may also tend to conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system or your muscles, bones, joints, and other connective tissue.

Your chiropractor can probe along the length of your spine to check pain and pressure points. They may ask you to undergo imaging tests and neurological or orthopedic examinations. An accurate diagnosis is vital for bulging discs so you can receive the proper treatment.

Relieve Pain and Pressure

You may experience pain which may be more aggravated if the disc puts untoward pressure on your spinal nerve. This may range from a slight ache to severe pain, depending on your condition’s severity. The symptoms may affect any part of your spine, from your neck down to your lower back.

Chiropractic care can be used as a form of treatment to relieve pain and pressure caused by bulging discs. It’s a non-invasive technique that uses the safe, gentle, and targeted application of pressure. Your chiropractor will maneuver your body to correct your spine’s alignment and stretch your vertebrae. Massage and manual manipulation will help the bulging discs return to their proper location between vertebrae.

Address Limitations

Bulging discs can cause numbness and weakness in your back and other body parts. If a bulging disc also affects a nerve on your lower back, you may experience sciatica. The pressure on your sciatic nerve causes pain, irritation, and inflammation. The nerve starts from the buttock area and ends around your leg.

These symptoms limit your leg movements, especially if your pain and weakness are severe. Your chiropractor can conduct adjustments and stretches to guide the bulging discs back into place. This can relieve pain and pressure, allowing you to move more freely and normally.

Restore Function

Aside from pain, weakness, and difficulty moving, bulging discs may affect body functions sometimes. In addition, you may experience muscle spasms in the affected areas of your body. In more severe cases of nerve damage, you may observe changes in your bladder and bowel movements.

Like the previous symptoms, these occur when the bulging discs hit nerves. Your chiropractor may help you regain the lost or compromised functions by conducting proper adjustments or using traction to relieve nerve compression.

Bulging Disc Treatment in Newark, DE

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