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What is the BEST stretch to do in the morning?

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If you’re like most people your body can be pretty stiff when you first wake up and get out of bed.

Luckily there’s a 15-second stretch that you can do first thing in the morning that will really help your body feel better.

#1 Stretch to Do In the Morning < —- Pictures

Don’t thank me, thank Injury Specialist Rick Kaselj, MS.  He’s the one that told me about it and it makes a HUGE difference.

This is the best stretch to do first thing in the morning… 


48-Hour Back Pain Rescue Guide (Yours FREE)

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Have you ever thrown your back out so bad you had trouble walking around and had to stay in bed or sitting down for a few days?

It’s hard to know what to do when you first hurt yourself.

That’s why Rick Kaselj created the…….

48-Hour Back Pain Rescue Guide…

It’s yours as a free bonus today when you pick up a copy of Fix My Back Pain.

Fix My Back Pain is a pre and post-workout routine you can do to rehab your own back.  You can continue with your regular workouts and simply follow the 10-
minute pre and post-workout routines to get your back to a pain-free state.

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Do you know what to do when back pain hits?

The 48-Hour Back Pain Rescue Guide shows you what to do.

It gives you movements that you need to do in order to decrease your back pain, loosen up your back, release tightness in your muscles, and get back to being pain-free.

Rick Kaselj has used this program a number of times to overcome a back pain flare-up in 48 to 72 hours.

For example, a few months back, Rick was doing a barbell deadlift complex and tweaked his back. As the day went by, his back got worse and worse.

He went to the guide and did the exercises in the guide for 10 minutes, a few times daily. Every time he went through the exercises, the pain would decrease, the movement would improve, the tension would decrease
and he could do more. By the fourth day, he was able to get back to the gym and do his workouts.

Also in the guide Rick shows you the #1 exercise that you should do when back pain hits.  Along with the manual, there is a follow-along video that you can watch on your phone, tablet, laptop, computer or TV.

Back Pain Exercise

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19 Year Old Arnold Deadlifting 600 lbs

If you’re like me you love training hard and you know the deadlift is an awesome exercise for building muscle & strength. That just can’t be denied.

In fact, a lot of people think Arnold Schwarzenegger got huge from isolation exercises but that’s not true.  When he was 19-years old he deadlifted 600 lbs in a competition which shows he trained to build his initial foundation.

The problem is…if you’re doing it wrong it can mess up your back. Or if you have a bad back this is probably an exercise you avoid. We have the solution for you though with today’s fast-acting bonus.

First You Get:  A Video Guide to Pain-Free Deadlifting.

This is where we teach you the proper technique so you can deadlift without risk of hurting your back.

Secondly, you get:  Barbell Deadlift Dominated

This is a secret underground Finnish deadlift program used by competitive powerlifters.  Once you have your form down from the How To Video….you can crush this program.

If your back is bothering you right now and you don’t want to think about deadlifting…that’s okay.  Use our new Fix My Back Pain program to heal your back than you’ll have the deadlift material to refer to later.

Deadlift bonus


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Fix My Back Pain helps you get rid of your back pain without drugs, surgeries, or shots.  It only takes 10 minutes before your normal workout and 10 minutes after your workout. That’s it!

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The Deadlift is often considered the most basic primary movement for the body.  This exercise targets nearly every essential muscle group and it also releases so many muscle-building hormones like testosterone and growth hormone.

Unfortunately, many of us wreck the form and make a perfectly safe exercise something that can lead to back pain and potential injury if done incorrectly.
This doesn’t have to be the case!

I put together a video guide to Pain-Free Deadlifting to celebrate the Fix My Back Pain Sales pre-sale event.

You’ll be shown how to perfect your form in an easy to understand step-by-step manner.

After using Fix My Back Pain and implementing the tips from Pain-Free Deadlifting your back will be feeling like new again and you can start deadlifting the way you want again which will be the perfect time to implement the Underground Finnish Deadlift Program that will help you increase rugged muscle back development and strength from 5-10%.

It contains 3 training cycles used by competitive powerlifters and it’s yours free when you order Fix My Back Pain.

Deadlift bonus

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Got Back Pain? Click Here…

Got Back Pain? Click Here…

Got Back Pain? Click Here…

Got Back Pain? Click Here…

Got Back Pain? Click Here…

Got Back Pain? Click Here…

Got Back Pain? Click Here…

Got Back Pain? Click Here…

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