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If you have ever hired a crappy personal trainer, wasted money on supplements that don’t work and you’ve sucked down protein shake after protein shake just to add “mass” around your belly……..

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3 Horrible Mistakes That Keep Guys Scrawny & Weak


Doing Body Part Split Routines BEFORE You Have Strength & Size

If you can’t bench your body weight 10 times, then you must work on getting stronger first before doing split routines, if you hope to get jacked.

Strength is the quality everything else can be built on. If your nervous system isn’t ready and your bones, tendons & ligaments aren’t strong, you’re not going to be able to support the muscle you’re trying to build.
If you want to add lean muscle mass to your frame you must understand that it has been scientifically proven that Strength IS Size.

The best-built guys always come from a strength background before they started training with split routines and body part isolation workouts.

Look at the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger as an example. He started out as an Olympic lifter and Powerlifter before he got into bodybuilding.

Arnold built the foundational frame needed to support all that muscle in his teens with basic compound movements.


Even Arnold’s mentor and 3X Mr. Universe, Reg Park, could deadlift 700 lbs, squat 605 lbs, and bench press 500 lbs and this was before steroids even existed!

BOTTOM LINE: If you see a huge ripped guy at the gym isolating muscle groups with super lightweight, just remember that’s not what built the size you see initially.


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Horrible Mistakes 2 & 3 Keeping Guys Scrawny 



New Study Out of the UK Shares a Simple Trick to Boost T

Testosterone levels begin to drop off dramatically after 9 am which makes this a great time to trigger another release.

According to a new study out of the United Kingdom you can stop your testosterone from fizzling out during the day by lifting weights in the morning.

Using a semi-pro rugby team as lab rats, researchers took saliva samples to measure testosterone levels and split the players into three groups.

Group 1 did not work out in the morning.

Group 2 ran five by 40-meter sprints and the 3rd group bench pressed and squatted for sets of three reps.

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In the afternoon the team returned and gave another saliva sample and were tested in squats, bench presses, 40-meters sprints, and counter-movement jump.

The group that lifted in the morning had the highest afternoon testosterone levels and did the best in the performance tests.

We all know that the higher our testosterone levels the easier it will be to lose fat while gaining muscle and strength.

If you’re not already working out in the morning, give it a try.

This is the perfect workout to do in the morning.

It takes less than 45-minutes, and you only train 3-4 days a week.

The exercises, reps, sets, and rest periods have been” designed to awaken your man making anabolic hormones.

If your goal is to build muscle & strength together, this program can’t be beaten.