Happy Retirement Maureen Henderson

happy retirement maureen henderson

Maureen Henderson Retirement Post Banner-Blog Title and Maureen photo over image of a winding mountain road

Maureen Henderson Retirement Post Banner-Blog Title and Maureen photo over image of a winding mountain road

It is with full hearts, and maybe a few tears, that we wish our friend and colleague, Maureen Henderson, a very happy retirement!

Maureen was one of the physical therapists here at Twin Cities Pain Clinic and has been a smiling, familiar face among our patients and staff since the early days. And although we are a bit bummed to bid her farewell, we are very excited for and her family in this new endeavor.

To that end, we thought it only appropriate to share a bit about Maureen and her amazing career journey:


Though originally from lovely Owatonna, MN, Maureen spent her school years and the first part of her professional career in the mountainous splendor of Colorado.

After completing her General coursework at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Maureen transferred to the big city, attending Physical Therapy school at The University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in Denver.

Maureen graduated with her physical therapy degree in 1977. She then began her first job, working at the Denver VA hospital, doing just about anything and everything one can do in a healthcare setting. This included assisting with joint replacement surgeries, stroke patients, wound care, and (foreshadowing) back and neck pain patients.


5 fulfilling years after starting her career at the VA, Maureen heard the alluring call of her homeland and decided to return to Minnesota with her husband. She transferred to the VA hospital in Minneapolis, where she spent much of her time working with World War 2 veterans.

Despite her passion for her work at the VA, Maureen eventually stepped down from her role there after having her first child. And so, Maureen began her hunt for a new career that would allow her to continue practicing her art part time so she could spend more time with her family.


During her time at the VA, Maureen developed an interest in orthopedics and outpatient care. Initially, she took a job at a local neurological clinic, where she provided physical therapy services to patients suffering from headaches as well as back and neck pain.

Maureen really liked her new job, but she nonetheless couldn’t help noticing an ad in her local paper. It was a classified ad seeking a physical therapist at a clinic called Pain Management and Rehab. Some of you may recognize this as the group that would eventually become Twin Cities Pain Clinic. Maureen knew it would have to be a pretty fantastic opportunity to pry her away from her current position, but she decided to investigate.

Luckily for Maureen, but even LUCKIER for Twin Cities Pain Clinic, the opportunity turned out to be pretty fantastic indeed, because Maureen accepted and came to work as our first ever physical therapist!


Maureen quickly proved herself to be a highly skilled, indispensable member of the team and was beloved by patients and colleagues alike. In fact, check out these real testimonials from patients and coworkers:

“Maureen is the best. She is one of the most sincere and dedicated people I’ve met in healthcare, and she is just a great person. She understands the pain issues I have and has made the exercises manageable and realistic.” – Twin Cities Pain Clinic Patient

“Maureen is very knowledgeable in her field. I don’t know if anyone else could have provided me the care and treatment that she did, and I really appreciate that. I just want to say she’s excellent and I would absolutely refer my friends or family to her.” – Twin Cities Pain Clinic Patient

As for Maureen, she was equally joyous and grateful for the time she spent at Twin Cities Pain Clinic.

“I loved working at Twin Cities Pain Clinic,” Maureen says. “I was presented with ample opportunity and autonomy to grow my skills and expand my knowledge. The educational support was phenomenal, and I always loved how tight knit our provider group was. Everyone would make themselves available to discuss patient care whenever needed, even if they were busy. It was an amazing work environment and one of the most rewarding times of my life.”


So, what will Maureen be up to now that she is retired?

Well, she has four grandchildren, so she plans on spending a lot of time with them.

She and her husband are also avid outdoor enthusiasts. When not with her grandchildren, Maureen will most likely be found camping, biking, and cross-country skiing.

You are one in a million, Maureen, and you will be missed. But all of us here at TCPC are proud of you and congratulate you on your well-deserved retirement! Take care and all the best!