Are 40 Year Old’s Stronger Than 20 Year Old’s?

This weekend I was at my friend’s birthday pool party and we were chatting with a guy that looked to be in pretty good shape.

When he got up to go talk to someone else I was told he was over 50 years old!

I couldn’t help but think to myself…WOW.  You can see some people in their 50’s and they are limping around all hunched over with no energy.

When does it start?

I think the Big 4-0 is an important age. It officially starts mid-life but it’s also a BIG crossroad.

A lot of people kind of let themselves go and it’s a downhill spiral.

Others decide that age is just a number and choose to make their 40’s the best decade of their life.

It may not look the same as when we were in our 20’s and 30’s.  Our goals may not be to deadlift a personal best, but that’s okay.

Priorities have changed for me.  I used to enjoy spending 3+ hours in the gym for several days per week.

Today there’s God, Family & Work (in that order).

But to be strong for others, we have to be strong for ourselves first.

What does being 40 Strong looks like?  It’s being lean with hard muscles, it’s having time-efficient workouts, it’s having the energy to work hard and play hard and most importantly it’s about enjoying the process and the workouts like we did when we started out.

Are you getting close to 40 years old or perhaps older?

Now is the time to get back to being your best.

Are your glory days behind you or do you choose to be 40 STRONG?

Why you’ve been misled about getting stronger after 40….and what to do about it.

LIE#1:  You naturally put on weight as you get older… WRONG!

stop blaming those expanding love handles on getting older!

In fact, of any other challenge, this is the simplest to combat.

There are four factors that contribute to middle-age weight gain: slowing metabolism, lower testosterone, poor diet and lack of exercise.

Look at that list. Two of the four factors are completely within our control.

It’s time to stop blaming those expanding love handles on getting older. It’s just an excuse.

All you need to do is make the right food choices and take care of what you eat. That tiny change alone will stop the onset of weight gain.

But when it comes to strength, here’s another myth to bust…

LIE #2:  As you get older, you naturally get weaker…WRONG!

I’ll show how wrong this is…

Research from the University of Oklahoma found that over an eight-week period a group of middle-aged guys (35-50) succeeded in losing body fat and building muscle.

That’s not all…

Compared with a group of college-aged guys over the same period, the older guys lost MORE body fat and gained MORE muscle.

So, let me say this again:

None of this is inevitable.

Yes, you’re susceptible… but it doesn’t have to be your future.

Getting older isn’t the problem.

(And any guy who blames age for their performance is making excuses.)

You don’t have to accept these lies.

On the next page I’ll reveal what no other strength program tells you…..
…the best way to continue building muscle into your 40s.

How to Avoid “Chubby Old Guy” Territory

1. The Energy Spiral

energy spiral

There’s one everyday reality that hits you harder than anything else: always feeling tired.

To feel that overwhelming exhaustion every day is, well… exhausting.

You wake up tired. Yawn your way through the workday. And then spend the evening slouched on the sofa unable to keep your eyes open.

And you pay the price.

You spend less quality time with your wife. Less time with your kids. Every activity is a struggle.

Before you thought nothing of heading out to do any number of outdoor activities… now, you’re lucky if you make it through the evening.

Your energy levels start on a downward spiral when your lack of energy reduces your activity level. It becomes a vicious cycle.

But here’s the thing about the Energy Spiral. It goes up as well as down.

Find the energy and get back into daily activity and the spiral turns upwards. More energy = even more energy.

Reinvigorating your body to release enough energy to keep increasing energy levels needs to be a major part of any program.

2. The Frustration Cycle

Remember what you were like in your 20s?

Knocking around the gym. Lifting big. Huge gains every week. Eating whatever you wanted with no side-effects.

And then what happened when you hit your 30s?

Change happens.

A nag turns into an ache. The gains take a little bit longer. The fat clings a little harder to your body than it used to.

The realization hits: we’re not invincible.

Progress is painful. What worked for you as a 20-year-old kid doesn’t work for you now.

It’s perfectly natural.

Your body changes.

But NONE of the programs reflect that change. They expect you to try nailing it as you did in your youth…and when you don’t get results, frustration sets in.

You try working out harder. And for longer. Yet the results stall. Your energy starts dropping and soon you’re exhausted, frustrated, or, even worse, injured.

It’s worse than hitting a plateau. And it’s not just a case of changing it up or trying something different.

The next stage is all about motivation…

3. The Priority Paradox


Of course, it’s not your fault.

When you hit your 30s, life gets in the way.

You mature. Your priorities change.

Your days fill up with the everyday rigor of spending time on your career.

You dedicate your free time on evenings and weekends to your family.

Hanging out in the gym or sweating it out for hours on end stop having the same appeal.

Your motivation wanes. Your diet slips. Life gets in the way.

Your priorities may have changed… but your body still needs attention

As you can see, NONE of these issues is physiological.

Our challenges are not about our bodies. They are around what we choose to do with our bodies.

These are the same challenges for every guy, like you and me. You may be experiencing one or more of these right now… you may be going through all three.

By challenging and resolving each of these issues, you can turn back the clock. Deterioration and decay don’t have to be your reality.

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Free Sample Workout From 40 STRONG

Here’s a free sample workout from Day 2 of Week 2 from the newly released 40 STRONG program.

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I love this workout, give it a try this evening!  – Sign Off

sample workout

— Chris Wilson, RKC, CPT, CSN


Getting old is a fact of life and for many people, a truth that is very tough to accept. I just turned 40 myself making this concept all too real.

Every day we get older and our physical health slowly diminishes. Not only do our bodies begin to break down, but most people also find that they cannot take the time for an activity like they once did. And time is the one thing we can never get back.

Sure, there are plenty of fit, physically active guys and girls with gray hair but in reality only a small percentage of the population. Working out consistently comes easy to some but carving out time for yourself only gets harder with family life, full-time careers, and other responsibilities.

You cannot force something to work in your life and expect it to last. Exercise needs to be a habit; it needs to be a part of who you are and how you go about your days. That’s the concept of the 40 Strong workout program.

Most workout routines have you lifting weights, doing bodyweight movements, or doing cardiovascular exercises all the time independent of each other. These programs get results and typically work in the short term. But as with most things “forced” in our lives, they eventually stop working because people are creatures of habit.

We like to feel comfortable and usually, that involves some form of laziness.

Again, there are a handful of people exercising regularly, getting good results doing the same thing over and over again. Good for them. I applaud them.

I’m not talking to them; I’m talking to YOU.

40 Strong is about you doing what you love to do when it comes to activity. This program is about choosing different ways to be physically active. Liking what you’re doing for exercise is the key to longevity and long-term results.

Because if you truly like something, it will be very hard to stop doing it.

I always like going back to children when it comes to explaining exercise and being active. Most of the children in this world have one thing in common; they like to play.

Playing is exercise. Kids run, jump, twist, climb, and move their bodies with tremendous power, strength, and agility.

As we age, we lose that ability. Not because we got older but because we stopped moving like that every day and this point is missed by many experts in the field of strength and health.

This program is about adding recess back into your life and having that time every day where you get to play in different ways. In doing that you will regain energy, muscle, mobility, confidence and your life will be forever changed.

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40 strong